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In Their Own Words:

“There’s nothing we love more than going above and beyond for our clients.”

Christina and I both have been licensed in Real Estate since the early 2000’s.  During that time, the Real Estate market was making its way in to an all time high.  We didn’t know each other at the time, but we were each beginning to invest in houses independently, and learn the business.

Christina became successful immediately not only in investing and renovating homes, but by representing a Broker in the New Construction Market. While this was a great opportunity to learn a new segment of the business, there was a desire to be able to find and build relationships with buyers and sellers on her own.  We met through an investing group back in 2005, and became friends and realized that we had many of the same interests, visions and goals.  After being married in 2007, we began selling Real Estate together and formed McIntosh Realty Team.

A couple of years later, the Market began to change drastically on a national and local level.  By then, we began to have children and wanted to build a business where we could enjoy family time together as well as  continue to grow a successful business. We were blessed to be at a point in our lives where, with the determination and drive to succeed, we have had the opportunity to learn strategies to sell homes regardless of the state of the market.  McIntosh Realty Team has continued to grow and excel through all markets, using the same techniques and systems that we have always relied on and have proven effective in serving our clients.

Choosing the Firm to represent you is an important decision. Christina and I welcome the opportunity to show you how our knowledge and experience has prepared us to provide you with an exceptional outcome.  We are so proud of our team and know that each of them are committed and equipped to providing a level of service that is rare within the Real Estate Industry.  Thank you for considering McIntosh Realty Team, we look forward to making you a part of our story.

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