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Buying a New Construction Home – What You Should Know

Let’s talk advantages, challenges and the overall process involved with new construction. The Savannah area has become very popular with new construction homes and many homebuyers are building and purchasing brand new homes. Here’s some of the advantages of buying a new construction home: 1. A brand new home. With a brand new home you…

Insurance & Hurricane Season – What You Need to Know

Up until a few years ago, we were fortunate enough to not have to worry much about hurricanes. However, multiple storms have come through the Savannah area since and it’s beginning to become more of a worry for homeowners and homebuyers alike. I want to make note of a few things I’ve noticed over the…

What Does a Seller Pay for Closing Costs?

Do you know what is included in closing costs and who is responsible for paying them? Today I want to address these questions to give you answers. The first thing that you need to know is that closing costs are completely negotiable between the buyer and seller. If you have ever been a seller in…

Why You Should Consider Refinancing

Mortgage rates are still at historic lows. For many homeowners, it’s a great time to refinance. Refinancing allows you to pay off your current mortgage with a new mortgage at a lower rate. Refinancing means lower monthly payments and more money left in your pocket. But here’s something important that many people don’t know: Refinancing…

The Reality of Listing Your Home For Sale By Owner

If you are thinking about listing your home as “For Sale By Owner,” there are a few things you should know about the reality of this process. First of all, consider your accessibility. You will need to be present for each showing, whether a buyer is out looking at homes during the day, when you’re…

How to Get Prepared for the Closing Process

The closing process is the culmination of the contract—the transaction that has taken place between the buyer and the seller. Closings typically take place at a closing attorney’s office. The buyer’s side of the transaction generally chooses the closing attorney. It’s important to keep in mind that the closing attorney does not represent the buyer…

USDA Loans are Drying Up – Act Fast

USDA loans are great for several reasons, but will no longer be available in 2 weeks. Here is why you should take advantage of them if your situation permits:
  • No down payment option: If you don’t have savings or simply wish to retain them, you can still qualify for this loan.
  • 100% financing: This allows

How to Recognize a Good Offer

We want to share with you some ideas today, regarding transactions when buying or selling a home. Particularly, how to recognize a good offer if you are a seller. There are several key things you should pay attention to with offers. First, you want to make sure that the contract you are being offered is

How to Stay Warm When the Weather Turns Cold

Fall is here, and winter is fast approaching. We just wanted to offer you a few tips and tricks to help you save on energy costs and prepare your home for the cold winter. One thing that you should do is get a routine maintenance check on your heating system. It’s a good idea to…

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