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Listings: Frequently Asked Questions

How are appointments scheduled for showings?

When a home is occupied, we require agents to schedule a window of time with our office so that you know when a buyer wants to see your house. Our office will contact you for approval of the showing.

Should I be at home for the showing?

We encourage our sellers not to be at home when showings take place. When the perspective buyers are with their agent seeing your home, they need to be able to speak freely and ask questions that they may not want you as the seller to hear. This gives the agent the opportunity to overcome any objections or offer solutions to concerns that the buyer may have.

How do I know what the buyers thought of my house after a showing?

Feedback and Communication are one of the most important elements to a successful Sale. This aspect is so essential that our firm subscribes to a service so that feedback requests and surveys are automatically sent to the agent as soon as the home is shown. Our staff and Listing Manager step in to assure that feedback is being pursued and that once given, the feedback is communicated to you as the seller.

How long does the listing period Last?

Typically, the listing term will last for six months. Our goal will be for your home to be sold and closed much sooner than the six-month time period, but the listing agreement dates will reflect the six-month time period as to not have a negative impact on the marketing schedule.

What do I need to do to prepare for photos, staging, and getting my home ready to sell?

We value the opinion of our stagers tremendously, and put a lot of responsibility on them to assist with this question. Generally speaking, less is more… meaning the less clutter and personal items that you are displaying will produce better results. That being said, the stager will typically recommend to you that certain tasks be completed so that the photo shoot produces the best results, therefore we encourage you not to do much before getting the advice from the stager.

Who pays for the staging and photography to get the listing ready?

Our firm is confident enough in our ability to produce the results, that we fund all expenses entirely in an effort to have your home prepared to display to the public. Because of the volume of homes that we sell, we know that this is an investment on our end that makes sense and never want to compromise the way a listing appears when It makes it’s first impression. While we take pride in making your home present at it’s best, we are also are proud of the reputation that we have built in having prestigious listings that agents from other companies want to show because of the preparation that has gone into them.

How do Realtors get paid?

At the initiation of the listing agreement, a total commission rate will be notated. The commission rate is based on the price that you agree to sell your property at. The total commission is then typically shared between the Listing Brokerage, and the Buying Brokerage. The two agents and their brokerages will all share in the commission that is paid by the seller.

When is the commission paid?

You pay nothing until you are at the closing table to sell your house. We acquire all of the expense during the listing period. At the closing, the commission expense will be a line item on your settlement statement. The commission expense will be deducted from your total proceeds.

What happens when we receive an offer?

The offer will be sent to your agent, and then forwarded on to you to review. You and your agent will discuss your options on how to move forward, as well as any negotiations to be presented and will construct whatever documents are necessary.

How long will it take for my house to be listed after the listing agreement is signed?

We recognize the importance of making a great first impression, and aren’t willing to put our clients in a position of disservice by promoting a listing that isn’t ready to go live. Typically, a few days to a week will allow us to schedule the stager, photographer and any other necessary items to be completed. This may vary depending on the schedules, as well as any time that you may need to square away any last minute details. During this time, we will be beginning to promote your listing as a “Coming Soon” and to build anticipation and create demand.