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Matthew Schuman

“The present is theirs; The future, for which I really worked, is mine” See to me, others may waste their time on things that may not matter tomorrow, but by putting in the work now, I get to reap the benefits later. When you invest in yourself and your future, you are working for a better tomorrow. This is applicable to your future home! Lets work together now to set you up for the future. -Nikola Tesla
My name is Matthew Tyler Lloid Schuman. For a little background on myself, I have been a local resident in the 912 since moving from Atlanta in 2002. I am 23. I recently finished my time at the University of Georgia were I studied biology. I moved back to the area because I felt my calling was to continue the legacy of realtors in my family: grandfather, grandmother, and mother. I recently purchased my first home and the concept and experience allowed me to see I was meant to take the life path of a Realtor so I may assist you in the very same situation. I understand how difficult the process of buying and selling of a home may seem, so i decided to put my passion for people and the knowledge I have of real estate to work. A home is something that gives back endlessly but it starts with you! Let me assist you in this super simple process by being clear, direct, yet compassionate as I personally understand that the ultimate goal is to find you the home you want!
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